Formation & Administration of companies

formationWe possess the knowledge and the experience in order to achieve the best results in finding the most appropriate legal form and structure for the economic needs of our Greek and Bulgarian clients. Also, we have the legal competence to consult our clients with respect to all kinds of commercial agreements and to find the best solution for them.

Our consultants assist the clients when choosing the most appropriate form to run their business, which includes: choosing the most suitable form of company; advising on the way of managing and representing the company, the scope of powers of company’s managers, means of financing company’s business transactions, etc. It is an inseparable part of our work at this preliminary stage of business to advise the client on all taxation issues that may possibly arise in future. Certainly, these cover also a thorough servicing of the legal issues arising out of the commercial activity of the client, drafting and submitting documents and papers, representing the client before the government authorities, etc.


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