Immigration Law

immigrationLegalization of aliens, Green Card / Permanent Residence

Application filing and legal support at the points of aliens reception, that is, at the pertinent services of Municipalities, of Aliens and Migration Divisions of the pertinent Community, of the pertinent Aliens and Migration Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and of the pertinent services of Police’s Aliens Departments.

Work Permit / Employment Authorization

Work permit which includes the following types of permit:

1. Dependent labor or provision of independent services or work

2. Seasonal work

3. Executives

4. Temporary movement for provision of service

5. Athletes – Trainers

6. Enteratainers

7. Copyright owners

8. Members of foreign schools of archaeology

Green Card for Independent Business

Residence permit for independent business including the following types of permit:

1. Independent business

2. Investors

Judicial protection

Judicial deportation of alien

Administrative deportation of alien

Illegal entrance in the country

Objections against provisional detainment

Petition for Annulment and Petition for Suspension with provisional ruling at the pertinent administrative District Court


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