litigationWhile doing business some clients face the necessity to initiate legal proceedings, or, are forced into litigation or arbitration hearings to defend and protect their rights and interests. In this crucial practice area, our lawyers’ partnership represents both local and foreign clients before the Bulgarian and Greek courts and arbitration institutions and provides:

  • Clients’ representation in litigations before all courts and arbitration institutions, including assessment and advices on general and specific exposures on the particular legal dispute;
  • Representation and assistance in negotiating of extrajudicial settlements;
  • Legal representation and support in the course of debt collections;
  • Documents’ review and expert opinions on evaluating potential risks of litigation as a mean of dispute settlement.

We are firm believers that a properly negotiated settlement might be a better issue for all parties concerned in a dispute and depending on the specific case, we encourage our clients to settle their disputes through negotiations and mediation, achieving cost and time efficient solution to the dispute at stake, and preserving their relationship and reputation.



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