Terms of Use


1. Concepts

1.1. The site www.atalaw.gr, hereinafter referred to as “the site” is maintained by Alavanos & Totev – Lawyers’partnership, hereinafter referred to as “the company”. The company has been registered in the BULSTAT register with number:  176601638.

1.2. A USER is a natural entity who visualizes on the device he/she uses whatever information, located on the site, until the moment of the final termination of his/her access to the information. 1.3. An ELECTRONIC CROSS-REFERENCE is a link, placed on a web page, which allows for an automatic forwarding to another web page, information source or an object through standardized protocols.

1.4. IP ADDRESS is a unique identification number which allows for localization in the net of a computer, web page or another source.

2. When should you apply the rules for use of the site?

2.1. The rules for use of the site are applied with respect to any person from the moment in which whatever information placed on the site is visualized on the device, used by him/her until the moment of the definite termination of the access to that information.

2.2. Persons, who do not agree to be bound by the present Rules for use of the site, are not entitled to use the site and the information located within.

2.3. The present Rules for use of the site could be amended. The persons who load the site are considered to be bound by the current version of those as of the moment of the loading the site.

3. Objects of copyrights and the neighboring rights

3.1. The copyrights and the neighboring rights with regard to the items situated on the site belong to their owners. Each unauthorized use of such items shall be considered violation of rights and it could lead to civil or penal responsibility.

3.2. Specifically, without the explicit consent of the holder of the right, a third person, including the USER of the site, has no right to:

3.2.1. with regard to the computer program: to use it, load, visualize it on the screen, execute, transfer, to keep it in the memory of the computer, translate, reproduce or to make any changes to it, etc.

3.2.2. with regard to a subject of copyrights and neighboring rights: to record, reproduce, distribute, transmit or use it in another way or to do the above mentioned actions with a copy of it, etc.

4. Permitted actions

4.1. Every USER is entitled to use the site and the information placed on it only in the following ways:

4.1.1. To make and keep a copy of that information as an electronic or hard copy, only for personal use and for non-commercial purpose.

4.1.2. To reproduce the text information in a resume, specifying that the source is the site and putting the ELECTRONIC CROSS-REFERENCE to the whole information on the site.

4.1.3. To transfer multimedia (pictures, video, etc.) only upon a preliminary permission, specifying the source and putting the ELECTRONIC CROSS-REFERENCE to the whole information on the site of the source.

4.2. The use of the information, regardless of its kind, shall not be considered as granting whatever copyrights or neighboring rights.

4.3. Express personal opinion (commentary) regarding the articles placed at the internet site. The USER is obliged not to exercise that right of his/hers for the following purposes:

4.3.1. For propaganda or distribution of ideas and/or execution of acts, directed to socially dangerous deeds, legally specified as criminal offences;

4.3.2. For propaganda or distribution of ideas and/or execution of acts, directed to discrimination issues, based on sex differences, race, nationality, ethnics, human genotype, citizenship, personal or social status, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, family status, economic status, etc.;

4.3.3. In breach of the applicable law, the public order or social and moral norms. 4.3.4. In a way which could be defined as unacceptable, including, but not limited to, through insults or slanders directed to third persons.

5. Rights and obligations of the company

5.1. Upon request of the competent state authorities and in the cases stipulated by law, the company is obliged to present the respective data regarding each and every USER.

5.2. If the company finds out or is informed that a USER breaches the Rules for use, it shall immediately undertake actions to terminate that breach. In case that the breach is related to unauthorized use of copyrights and neighboring rights, outside the scope of these Rules for use, the company shall undertake actions for the establishment of civil or penal responsibility of the violator.

5.3. The site maintains an e-mail to which each USER is entitled to send a signal related to an established violation of the Rules for use by another USER or a third party.

6. Limited liability

6.1. No indemnification shall be owed in case that the device through which a third party uses the site is damaged by a computer program, which is being distributed automatically and against the will or without the knowledge of the users of the computer systems and which is meant to lead a computer system or a computer net to undesirable state or the achievement of undesirable results;

6.2. No penalties shall be owed in case of any damages regardless of their kind, which have emerged in relation to the use of another source in the internet, to which an interactive link from this site has led to.

7. Applicable law

7.1. Each dispute related to the application of these Rules for use of the site or in relation to them, or to their breach, including the disputes and discrepancies regarding their validity, interpretation, execution or non-execution of obligations of the parties, shall be settled amicably by the parties. If no agreement could be reached, the dispute shall be referred to be resolved by the respective competent court in the city of Sofia, pursuant to the Civil and Procedure Code.

7.2. A decision of the competent court or change in the legislation which might make any of the dispositions of these Rules for use of the site invalid, null or non-executional, shall refer only to that disposition and shall not make any other disposition invalid, null or non-executional, and all other dispositions shall be considered in full force and effect, provided that they have not been influenced by the change.

7.3. With respect to all unsettled issues, the Bulgarian civil legislation shall apply.

8. Correspondence

8.1. Each person could send a message electronically, to the specified e-mail address.

8.2. In case that the message is related to the execution of whatever legal actions, including, but not limited to the exercising of rights, the fulfillment of obligations, sending invitations or similar messages, or in case that its receipt by the company is extremely important, or if you would like to receive an answer, that message should be sent to the administrative address of the company, subscribed in the Commercial Register as of the moment of the sending of the message.

The present Rules for use have been approved on 01.12.2013.

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